SBN-1152: Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program Act of 2013

An Act to Reduce Poverty and Promote Human Capital Development by Institutionalizing a Conditional Cash Transfer Program.

  • Seeks to provide cash grants to poor households identified by the DSWD subject to their compliance with certain health- and education-related conditions to wit:
    • All household grantees must attend Family Development Sessions at least once a month;
    • Children aged 0 to 5 years old must visit health centers to avail of health services;
    • Pregnant household members must have at least one pre-natal consultation each trimester during the pregnancy and make sure that her delivery must be assisted by a skilled health personnel;
    • Children who receive education grants must be enrolled in a day care/pre-school program, elementary or secondary school and maintain a class attendance rate of 85 percent per month
  • Includes as eligible beneficiaries those households belonging under the poverty threshold and automatically includes those families who will be displaced by the clearing and relocation operations of the government
  • Provides that cash grants be determined by DSWD, in consultation with the DBM, taking into account the current needs for health and education.
  • Removes the current 14-year old age limitation in qualifying for an education grant and expanding it until such time the child finishes senior high school (this consequently removes the five-year term of each beneficiary household in the program)


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