SBN-1358: Hazard Allowance for All S&T Personnel in the Government

An Act Prescribing The Hazard Allowance Of Thirty Percent (30%) Of The Monthly Basic Salary For All Science And Technology (S&T) Personnel In The Government And For Other Purposes, Thereby Amending Republic Act No. 8439, Otherwise Known As “The Magna Carta For Scientists, Engineers, Researchers And Other Science And Technology Personnel In Government”

  • This bill seeks to amend R.A. No. 8439 by pegging the hazard allowance to its maximum rate which is equivalent to 30% of the monthly basic salary for all S&T personnel.
  • The bill also proposes to expand the coverage of workplaces considered as hazardous to include those work areas on land, air and seas that are vulnerable to natural hazards and those that are difficult or distressed or hardship posts.


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