SBN-1777: Banay-Banay 1.0 Elementary School (San Jose, Batangas)

An Act Establishing An Elementary School in Barangay Banay-Banay 1.0, San Jose, Province of Batangas to Be Known as Banay-Banay 1.0 Elementary School and Appropriating Funds Therefor

  • Barangay Banay-banay 1.0 is the largest and the most populated barangay in the Municipality of San Jose, Batangas with about one thousand (1,000) elementary school-age-children. At present, the students are taking elementary school education in Padre Imo Luna Memorial Elementary School (PILMES) located in Poblacion, San Jose, Batangas, which is roughly 3 kilometers away from Barangay Banay-banay 1.0.
  • This will relieve the parents and residents of the said barangay from worries on the safety of their children and the expenses they incur in commuting to school.


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