SBN-622: Philippine Nursing Practice Reform Act of 2013

An Act Instituting Reforms to Further Protect and Develop the Nursing Profession, Amending for the Purpose Republic Act Numbered Ninety-One Hundred and Seventy-Three, Otherwise Known as the “Philippines Nursing Act of 2002”.

  • Amends the Philippine Nursing Act of 2002 or Republic Act No. 9173
  • Proposes to restructure the scope and practice of nursing by including specific mandates on certification, specialization and educational requirements of nursing graduates
  • Expands the powers of the Board of Nursing by strengthening its role in decision-making processes
  • Allows the Board of Nursing to monitor Higher Educational Institutions offering Nursing programs
  • Institutes a national nursing career progression program (NNCPP) for the continuing professional development of Filipino nurses;
  • Strengthens the nursing professionals including the faculty and administration of nursing schools
  • Upgrades the standards in nursing education, practice and guidelines for nursing career progression
  • Provides a better environment for nursing practice


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