SBN-808: Philhealth Para sa Buntis at Kaniyang Sanggol Act of 2016

An Act Granting Automatic Philhealth Coverage For All Women About To Give Birth And Their Newborn Children, Amending For The Purpose Republic Act No. 7875, As Amended By Republic Act No. 10606, Otherwise Known As The “National Health Insurance Act Of 2013,” Providing Funds Therefor And For Other Purposes

  • This bill provides for automatic health insurance coverage to all women about to give birth who are not yet enrolled under any existing categories of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth).
  • All expectant mothers will be able to avail of pre and post natal care as well as childbirth benefits while at the same time extending to their children, adequate newborn health care services.
  • The premium of such membership shall be borne by the national government through the National Health Insurance Fund of Philhealth to be sourced from the sin tax collections in accordance with Republic Act No. 10351 otherwise known as “An Act Restructuring the Excise Tax on Alcohol and Tobacco Products”.


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