SBN-824: Augmenting the Budget for the K-to-12 Program of the DepEd, Providing Funds from the PAGCOR Income

An Act Improving The Quality Of Education By Augmenting The Budget For The K To 12 Program Of The Department Of Education (DepEd), Providing Funds From The Philippine Amusement And Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) Income, Amending For The Purpose Presidential Decree No. 1869, As Amended By Republic Act No. 9487

  • Amending the PAGCOR charter by allocating the 50% share of the government in the aggregate gross earnings of the government corporation to fund the K to 12 Program of the Department of Education (DepEd) by augmenting funds for the following:
    • Construction of needed classrooms;
    • Hiring of teachers;
    • Provision of additional chalk allowances for all public teachers;
    • Supplementary feeding program in all public elementary schools;
    • Continuing education program for public school teachers;
    • Provision of internet access in all public schools, and
    • Acquisition of equipment and facilities for the technical-vocational courses under the K to 12 program.
  • Inclusion of the equivalent amount in the General Appropriations Act (GAA) under the DepEd budget.


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