SBN-850: Philippine Nursing Practice Reform Act of 2016

An Act Instituting Reforms To Further Protect And Develop The Nursing Profession, Amending For The Purpose Republic Act Number 9173, Otherwise Known As The “Philippine Nursing Act Of 2002”

  • Amends the Philippine Nursing Act of 2002 or Republic Act No. 9173
  • Proposes to restructure the scope and practice of nursing by including specific mandates on certification, specialization and educational requirements of nursing graduates
  • Expands the powers of the Board of Nursing by strengthening its role in decision-making processes
  • Allows the Board of Nursing to monitor Higher Educational Institutions offering Nursing programs
  • Institutes a national nursing career progression program (NNCPP) for the continuing professional development of Filipino nurses;
  • Strengthens the nursing professionals including the faculty and administration of nursing schools
  • Upgrades the standards in nursing education, practice and guidelines for nursing career progression
  • Provides a better environment for nursing practice


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