SBN-855: ICT in Education Act of 2016

An Act Strengthening The Utilization Of Information And Communication Technology (ICT) In All Public Elementary Schools And High Schools Providing Funds Therefor And For Other Purposes

  • Within a period of six (6) years, all public elementary and high schools shall establish at least one (1) Computer Center with a stable internet connection that will provide and ensure the access of students to the internet. The schools shall avail of the services of existing commercial internet providers and shall establish and maintain a computer facility system
  • Training for Educators and Maintenance of ICT. The Regional Offices of the DepEd and the NCC shall carry out training for educators in public high schools to integrate ICT in classroom learning, to instill in educators the professional and educational benefits of investment in ICT, and to allow educators to have mastery of sourcing out appropriate resources for high school education.
  • Utilization of ICT in Classroom Learning and in Computer Centers. Educators in public high schools shall make full use of ICT as presentation tools to complement traditional teaching methods.
  • Computerization of Administrative Systems. – The DepEd with the technical assistance of the NCC shall develop an ICT-based administrative system that will enhance organizational communication; facilitate gathering, analysis, dissemination, and maintenance of educational statistics; and streamline office procedures.


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