SBN-861: Forest Lands Limits Act of 2016

An Act Providing For The Delineation Of The Specific Forest Limits Of The Public Domain And For Other Purposes

  • This measure seeks to define the scope of forestlands, as well as provide guidelines in determining the specific limits of forestlands.
  • For this purpose, a National Review and Evaluation Committee, headed by the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources, shall be created to process, evaluate and approve all completed assessment and delineation reports referred to the said Committee.
  • The DENR shall, upon determination of final forest lines, delimit and establish boundary monuments on the ground. Forestlands delineated under this legislation shall be conserved and may not be increased nor decreased, except by law.
  • In order to resolve controversies arising from land classification as a result of the delimitation of forestlands, a Land Classification Conflict Adjudication Board shall also be created under this Bill.


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