SBN-863: Air Passenger Bill of Rights Act

An Act Providing For A Bill Of Rights For Air Passengers, Penalizing Violations Thereof, And For Other Purposes

  • This bill aims to protect the rights and welfare of air passengers, curb unjust and dishonest business practices, and promote efficiency in air transport service.
  • This bill affirms the right of passengers to receive the full value of the service they have purchased and the conveniences it offers.
  • It protects the rights of passengers especially during inopportune events when passengers are deprived of check-in or boarding, their flights are cancelled or delayed, their baggage are lost or destroyed, or when bodily harm are inflicted upon them.
  • It establishes measures to resolve grievances of affected air passengers and sets the level of compensation for violations of air passenger’s rights.
  • Most importantly, it maintains the right of every air passenger to full and truthful information with regard to the contract of carriage they have entered into.


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