SBN-921: National Athletes, Coaches and Trainers Benefits and Incentive Act

An Act Expanding The Scope Of Republic Act No. 9064, Otherwise Known As ‘National Athletes, Coaches And Trainers Benefits And Incentives Act Of 2001’ By Including Athletes With Disability, Adding Other International Competitions And Strengthening The Cash And Non-Monetary Benefits Granted, And For Other Purposes

  • Entitles athletes with disabilities (AWDs) who win in international sports competitions to avail of the cash and other non-monetary benefits provided in the law
  • Also includes the counterpart paralympic games AWDs compete in and organizations they are members of
  • Expands the range of international sports competitions currently defined in the law to include annual and biennial world championships
  • Some of the added benefits and privileges:
    • Provides free coverage in the national health insurance program for any national athlete, coach, and trainer who is currently registered as such before the Philippine Sports Commission
    • Use of living quarters and training centers for the exclusive use of national athletes while preparing and training for international competitions
  • Provides a fixed amount of pension as retirement benefit of champion athlete(s) along with the coach and trainer
  • Provides additional cash incentives to athletes who surpass Philippine record/ranking
  • Changes the cash award formula for team events with 5 or more members
  • Requires an ID issued by the Philippine Sports Commission when availing the benefits
  • Adds a new provision for penalties to persons willfully violating the law

Status in the 15th Congress:

  • Approved on Second Reading (Substitute Bill: S. No. 3313) under the Committee on Amateur Sports Competitiveness
  • Authors of bills considered in S. No. 3313:
    • Pia Cayetano – S. No. 167
    • Manny Villar – S. No. 1104
    • Lito Lapid – S. No. 2511
    • Vicente Sotto III – S. No. 2947


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